Outreach Programs

Our Kid’s Outreach Programs assist in educating youth on how to make healthier choices relating to what they are eating, physical exercise and how to use their mind to accomplish their goals.

Our Work Place Outreach Programs provide small businesses with a wellness program designed to help their employees live healthier lives. This plan also helps the businesses by providing an atmosphere for them to have healthier, happier employees who will use less sick time and lower insurance costs.

Our Community Outreach Programs encourage and inspire people to live healthier lives today than they did yesterday. We do this through health expos, speaking at events, e-zines, and our television and radio programs.

Our Speaker’s Bureau provides speakers for Work Place Wellness programs, Children’s Educational Programs and other Community Meetings.

If you would like to get additional information or become a part of any of the above programs please complete the form below or call (352) 455-1025.

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