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Jean Sumner has done it again.  Her magical method of taking a seemingly impossible task and breaking it into one change a week is simply amazing.  In “Journey to Wellness Through Food”,  Jean shares many health benefits of foods.  Then she shares a weekly recipe that includes the food.  With this book you can gradually change what you and your family are consuming to a plant based, whole food diet.  And since studies all over the world have proven you will live longer and stay healthier on a plant-based whole food diet.  Jean is again giving you a very important way to stay well.

When Jean began her healing journey 7 years ago she had to change everything.  She changed her diet, her thought process, and her methods of exercise.  She also had to develop methods of stress relief and develop her spiritual size in order to stay well.  In this book she is again spreading her wings on writing.  Part of this journey has taken her from not being able to prepare a dinner without a box, can, bag or jar to making everything from scratch.  She has met some great cooks over this time period with awesome recipes.  It was a natural to combine continually learning about the health benefits of food with some really awesome recipes.  So this is how “Journey to Health through Food”, was conceived.  This book gives you great information about the ingredients in these yummy and healthy recipes!  So start your journey today with the recipe in week one and work your way gradually to week 52.  Enjoy the Journey!


What Others are Saying


“Not only is this book wonderful because it describes in detail what each type of food gives you in vitamins, minerals, etc., then it gives you a recipe to try with that food!  I love this idea and I am actually putting the book with my other recipe books to keep it handy for meal preparation!  Jean has done it again!  I am so much healthier because she shares her health journey with us through all of her books!”

linda mendehall

Linda Mendenhall,
Owner Signtech Electric

“I am so excited that Jean did this recipe book. I will probably never be a vegetarian but I love to eat healthy meals that taste great and I can’t wait to start trying these recipes.”

traci brosman

Traci Brosman,
Co-Founder of World Wellness Education, Author, Speaker, TV Host, Health Educator

“Jean and Deborah have created a classic. I love the concept of one recipe a week.  This will allow me to gradually add these yummy recipes into my life.  And having so much information about the health benefits in the recipe is just an added bonus! “

mary downs

Mary Downs,
Art instructor, artist, raw foodist and homemaker

*All profits are donated to World Wellness Education, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization


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