Finding Joy

In a world full of craziness, with distractions of every kind it is important to remember that your journey on Earth is supposed to be joyful. “Finding Joy” gives you 52 ways to bring more joy into your life.  Just implement one small change each week and before you know it life will become more joyful and a lot more fun. Click here for more information.

Journey to Wellness

When Jean began her healing journey 7 years ago she had to change everything.  This book gives you great information about the ingredients in these yummy and healthy recipes!  So start your journey today with the recipe in week one and work your way gradually to week. Enjoy the Journey! Click here for more information

Journey to Raw

52 Small Weekly Changes to Add More Raw Food to Your Diet
How would you like more time, could that make a difference in your life?  Or better yet, how would you like to never have to worry about your weight again?  Moving to a raw food lifestyle can help you have all this and more. CLICK HERE for more information.  

R U Toxic?

We live in a toxic world. So it is impossible to eliminate the toxins in your life.  With this book you can begin to minimize the toxins in your life. By giving you small doses and just one change a week following this book will help you minimize the toxins in your life. Give yourself the gift of good health by reading and following this book. Click here for more information.

Monthly Conference Call-Kay Stelman

Listen in to this exciting conference call.  Kay is a healer and she discusses all forms of healing. She shares information about how important emotions are in the healing process.           FREE Healthy Living Tips, Recipes & More Name: Email: We respect your email privacy Powered by AWeber email marketing


Wild Rice Salad

            by Jean Sumner Ingredients: 4 cups cooked wild rice 1 orange diced ½ cup raisins ½ onion diced 1 avocado diced ¼ to ½ cup frozen raspberries chopped   Directions: Mix all ingredients together and enjoy.


Monthly Conference Call-Shelly Becker

Listen in as Shelly shares her story about a persistent and troubling rash all over her body.  Find out the changes she made in order to finally heal this rash after 7 months of pain. Click Here to hear Shelly’s interview.     FREE Healthy Living Tips, Recipes & More Name: Email: We respect your […]


Curry Vegetable Soup

Ingredients 12 oz. cauliflower 4 green onions 1 onion, chopped 2 TBS. red or green curry paste 4 cups vegetable broth 1 15 oz can diced tomatoes in juice ¾ cup coconut milk 6 oz asparagus 1 TBS. lime juice Directions 1. Saute cauliflower, white part of green onions and onion for 5 minutes in […]


What Should We Eat?

Everyone has an opinion on what we should eat. Perhaps we should go back to nature and take a look at what other beings on the planet eat!  The chart below compares the different species on the planet in many ways.  It is obvious that we are most like frugivorous! Which means we thrive on […]