Finding Joy

In a world full of craziness, with distractions of every kind it is important to remember that your journey on Earth is supposed to be joyful. “Finding Joy” gives you 52 ways to bring more joy into your life.  Just implement one small change each week and before you know it life will become more joyful and a lot more fun. Click here for more information.

Journey to Wellness

When Jean began her healing journey 7 years ago she had to change everything.  This book gives you great information about the ingredients in these yummy and healthy recipes!  So start your journey today with the recipe in week one and work your way gradually to week. Enjoy the Journey! Click here for more information

Journey to Raw

52 Small Weekly Changes to Add More Raw Food to Your Diet
How would you like more time, could that make a difference in your life?  Or better yet, how would you like to never have to worry about your weight again?  Moving to a raw food lifestyle can help you have all this and more. CLICK HERE for more information.  

Monthly Conference Call - Renee Richetto

Join us for this month’s conference call with Renee Richetto.  Renee will discuss  how  sugar and candida are the primary catalysts of cancer and autoimmune disorders.  She will also share her personal story of adrenal failure and how sugar put her into a wheel chair two years ago. Click here for more information.

What Should We Eat?

Everyone has an opinion on what we should eat. Perhaps we should go back to nature and take a look at what other beings on the planet eat!  The chart below compares the different species on the planet in many ways.  It is obvious that we are most like frugivorous! Which means we thrive on […]


Monthly Conference Call-Mary Soares

Listen to this amazing call with Mary Soares, in this call you will learn of some amazing new technology that is rocking the wellness industry.  Important information for you, your family and your friends! Click Here to listen in.


Curried Vegetable Soup

            By Jean Sumner Ingredients 1 medium onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic, crushed 2 medium carrots ¼- ½ head of cauliflower ¼ of a head of broccoli A handful of green beans 6-10 stalks of asparagus 1 ½ tsp. curry powder ¾ tsp turmeric powder 1-2 bay leaves 4 cups […]


To Reach Your Goals, You Need to Quit Trying

By Traci Brosman What if I told you that you could reach your goals if you just quit trying?  This probably goes against everything you have been taught.  However, I believe that when you just “try” you are giving yourself the okay to fail. This gives you an out and allows you to make excuses […]


Bi-Monthly Conference Call-Lori Esarey

Listen in to our monthly conference call. Lori Esarey will discuss thriving vs surviving. A life of vitality- looking good, feeling good and functioning your best doesn’t happen by accident, it happens as a result of actions we can take on a daily basis and a mindset that is focused on root cause analysis rather […]