To Reach Your Goals, You Need to Quit Trying

To Reach Your Goals, You Need to Quit TryingBy Traci Brosman

What if I told you that you could reach your goals if you just quit trying?  This probably goes against everything you have been taught.  However, I believe that when you just “try” you are giving yourself the okay to fail. This gives you an out and allows you to make excuses when it gets difficult.

Instead, a slight shift in your perception can change your life forever.

So how do you reach your goals and achieve that desired fitness level, weight, etc. without trying?

It starts with the strong desire to change. But that alone will not usually be enough to motivate you to do what it takes to get your desired outcome.

Often times there is also pain. The pain could be not being able to put on your clothes without skin bulging out of places it should not be. It could also be the threat of losing something you value if you do not change your ways like your health, a job, or a loved one.

When you get to that point in your life where it is all or nothing, where success is your only option – this is where you find an inner power that helps move you forward, step out of your comfort zone and become your very best.

See this is the secret… achieving your goals has nothing to do with trying and everything to do with giving your best.

When you choose to give your best, you will find an inner strength that allows you to get beyond all of your worries and doubts. This is what makes the difference between success and failure. It is that point where you give up trying to lose weight, exercise more or do better at something. It is that point where instead you wake up and say, “I am done trying, I am just going to do it. I will give my very best and not worry about failing. I will give everything I have and trust that this will be enough.”

When you begin giving your very best, you become unstoppable. You find the willpower and the desire to do things that may have been a struggle before.  You no longer look for ways to cheat or give less of yourself.  This is where you find the confidence to become the person you want to be and achieve everything you dream of.

Tip:  Give your very best and trust that it will be enough to guide you to success.



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