Use a Fitness Watch to Improve Your Well-Being

Use a Fitness Watch to Improve Your Well-Being1


I love my Fitbit because it is a constant reminder that my health and well-being is ongoing. Being healthy does not happen in one day it is a process. There are several different watches you can wear to remind you to walk, climb stairs and do brisk activity on a daily basis.

I wore my Fitbit every day and it prompted me to move more, sleep longer and take better care of myself. Unfortunately, it is not waterproof and when I took it off recently for a swim in the ocean I forgot it in the sand when I got out and it is now lost forever.

The Fitbit Charge HR accurately keeps track of the following:

  1. Your daily steps with a goal of at least 10,000 steps per day.
  2. How many miles you walk with a goal of a total of 5 miles each day.
  3. It measures your ongoing heart rate, your resting heart rate, when you are burning fat, when you are in the cardio zone and when you are in your peak exercise zone.
  4. It measures how many flights of steps you take each day and challenges you to climb 10 flights of stairs daily.
  5. I paired the Aria weight scale with my Fitbit and every time I step on the scale it syncs with my Fitbit app and tracks my weight and body fat.
  6. By tracking your sleep you will learn how many minutes you are awake each night and how many minutes you spend restless. This was extremely eye opening for me and has helped me focus on getting better sleep each night.
  7. The Fitbit also tracks your calories burned and allows you to enter your food and water intake.

Overall it is wonderful device to help you focus on your well-being daily rather than in spurts. The only thing that I really did not like was the style. It is impossible to make dressy and even though I always wore it while I was working it often looked odd and out of place.

For this reason I am now looking at other options. Do you use a fitness watch? Share below what you wear and some of your likes and dislikes about it.


2 thoughts on “Use a Fitness Watch to Improve Your Well-Being

  1. I’m also looking for a fitness watch, that has the same criteria as you requested. I’d love to hear what you decided on.
    There was one that emphasized heart rate first, then steps. It wasn’t to awkward looking either. Sorry, can’t recall the name.
    Wyniece Speed Harris

  2. I use an older model, Charge. It’s not quite as fancy but it looks more like a modern watch so I wear it every where. It has made me far more aware about moving more. I really like it.

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