World Wellness Education was co-founded by Jean Sumner and Traci Brosman. The idea for this organization was born on October 28, 2009 and the first club meeting occured in The Villages, Florida on January 28, 2010.

Jean SumnerJean Sumner has pursued an interest in wellness her entire life. An avid runner, she is passionate about exercise, eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.Jean was diagnosed with cancer in May, 2009 this only served to fuel the flames of her passions and encouraged her to learn more about wellness. This diagnosis actually led to the beginning of World Wellness Education with a mission of “Teaching the world about wellness — one story at a time.”

As Jean pursued alternative methods of treating cancer she met countless individuals who had great stories to tell regarding how nutrition, spirituality and exercise helped them to overcome their various illnesses.  Since these stories were moving, motivating and timely she thought that each of these stories may make a difference in others lives.  With the knowledge that we learn from stories more quickly than other teaching methods an organization was born in hopes to make a difference in the well being of every individual on the planet.

Traci BrosmanTraci Brosman has a passion to learn. Her main studies have been in relation to the mind. How we can create success and balance in our lives along with how positive and negative influences affect us.   Traci is a “serial” entrepreneur, owner of Coaching to Success, a professional speaker and an author. She is also a local television and radio host.

Believing in the value of doing what it takes to improve her life and the lives of those she comes into contact with, Traci thoroughly enjoys her work with World Wellness Education and Coaching to Success. “I love the fact that I get to connect with so many professionals on what it means to be healthy — body, mind and spirit. Then I get to take this information and share it with the world — one community, one story at a time. It is wonderful to be able to do the things I love and then give back to others what I learn.” Brosman is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring others with honesty and integrity.


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  1. would like to know how to get on the mailing list for “eating in the raw” meeting at the villages fl.
    thank you

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