Journey to Wellness through Food

When Jean began her healing journey 7 years ago she had to change everything.  She changed her diet, her thought process, and her methods of exercise.  It was a natural to combine continually learning about the health benefits of food with some really awesome recipes. So this is how “Journey to Health through Food”, was conceived.  This book gives you great information about the ingredients in these yummy and healthy recipes!  So start your journey today with the recipe in week one and work your way gradually to week. Enjoy the Journey! CLICK HERE to learn more!

Bi-Monthly Conference Call - Linda Beauregard

July 25, 2016 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm Join us for our monthly conference call featuring Linda Beauregard.  Listen in as Linda discusses “Why Raw-What Species Are We Anyway?”, her own health victory and how she can help you regain your health too! Linda Christina Beauregard, UBM – Twelve years ago, Linda cured breast cancer by using a diet rich in raw whole plant based foods along with various energy-healing therapies. That experience created a passion to share her knowledge and understanding of how you too can regenerate your health. Click here for more information and to register.

The Self-Love Project

As we know beauty comes from within but unfortunately, most people I talk with have a hard time finding that beauty. This is something I have continuously struggled with and it is a discussion I think we can all learn from. Click here to find out more.

Walk 4 Wellness

Join us for this exciting event at the Villages Polo Field on 10-15 at 9 AM. We will have tons of motivation for the walkers including 40 plus wellness vendors, Flashback will motivate us with music, The Village cheerleaders will cheer us on and more.  Click Here to learn more about participating in this exciting and fun-filled event.  

Conference Call-Vickie Griffith

Vickie shares with you the three steps to BreakThrough body bulge. Having been overweight since childhood and on every diet and medication known to mankind, Vickie found none of them worked. Until she developed her own three step program to release weight that does not involve drugs, potions or exclusive foods. Whether you have always […]


Self-Love Journal Week 30

  Self-Love Journal 5/30/16 It is Memorial Day morning, and we are headed to the beach on Little Talbot Island with Brooke. It will be an excellent start to our day, and then we will finish the day with a barbecue and celebrating MJs first birthday. He doesn’t officially turn one until June 5th but […]


Monthly Conference Call-Linda Beauregard

Listen in on this monthly conference call featuring Linda Beauregard. Listen in as Linda discusses “Why Raw-What Species Are We Anyway?”, her own health victory and how she can help you regain your health too! Click Here to listen to Linda’s interview.         FREE Healthy Living Tips, Recipes & More Name: Email: […]


Bi-Monthly Conference Call-Betty Sue Kjos

This conference call is amazing, Betty Sue shares her wellness journey using essential oils.  Her and her husband had many illnesses and were using pharmaceuticals to cover up the symptoms. LISTEN IN and hear how the changes they made CHANGED THEIR LIVES!    


Bi-Monthly Conference Call-Candice Hage

Listen to this interesting call. Candice Hage shares her story when she founded Shining Image after a journey of healing through her own lifestyle changes including food, exercise and alternative healthcare practices.  Her personal story fuels her desire to help & serve others as well as empower people with their daily choices relating to their own health. […]