Natural Healing with Linda Novak

Know more great ideas on how to stay well from Linda Novak Linda shares her journey to wellness and give you great ideas on how to stay well. She also shares how natures time corresponds with our inner time clock.

Linda Novak uses transformational focus on natural healing for her imbalance labeled breast cancer.

With her diploma in Oriental Medicine and her medical license, Linda is using her knowledge in natural, eastern and western medicine to teach and treat imbalance.

In 2009 Linda was presented with the imbalance labeled breast cancer. She is using transformational healing to rid her imbalance and delivers a very inspirational account in her upcoming book, Cancer Imbalance.

Linda Novak’s blog and calendar of appearances may be viewed at

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2 thoughts on “Natural Healing with Linda Novak

  1. Linda I really enjoyed & found your talk very informative. Very interesting how the body clock & each body part works with each day and moment. Consistence, balance and listening to our own bodies. Love all the tip, water, water, water, vegetables and juicing, rest, creativity, and love the word on not claiming or labeling things. I agree totally and have found this to bring great success in my own life. Thanks for sharing this information and many blessing. Donna

    P.S Tried to click on your web sight above but it would not go though!?

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