R U Toxic?

R U Toxic?

52 Small Weekly Changes

to minimize the toxins in your life

'R U Toxic' Book Cover_v3.1There are toxins in the air, water and the earth. Our skin care products, food and household products are filled with toxins.

The amount of toxins we are exposed to each day is overwhelming. These toxins are causing many diseases especially cancers. The growth rate of cancer is now off the charts. If you are female you have a 33 % chance of having cancer and if you are male you have a 50% chance of developing cancer.

We need to be knowledgeable about avoiding these toxins whenever possible. This means a lot of change in our lives.

Jean Sumner uses her approach to change which makes change easy and doable. By giving you small doses and just one change a week following this book will help you minimize the toxins in your life.

Give yourself the gift of good health by reading and following this book.

We live in a toxic world.  So it is impossible to eliminate the toxins in your life.  With this book you can begin to minimize the toxins in your life.  Remember the Serenity Prayer.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things, I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”

What others are saying **********


I just had to write to thank you for R U Toxic.  I had been meaning to get the book for some time and did not get around to it, then Donna at Blue Meadow Farms, gave me a copy.  I sat down, read it, and proceeded to check off 37 of the 52 items on the list of what I am doing already.

Next I made a goal to check off the rest! As of today I have only a few left. This week I will replace my non stick cookware and head to the store to find the Yerba for a cleanse.  Almost there and I did it in just one week!  I was able to illuminate 22 right away items because I buy all my external items listed from Melaleuca as well as many from the Environmental Toxin list.

I met a wonderful gentleman who is a certified health coach and certified plant diet coach, that gave me the push to go all the way on the path to good health.

But is was your book that really made the difference!!  Can’t thank  you enough!

When you get back and settled I want to follow through on something you said when we met, and that is to possibly write articles for World Wellness Education. I would also like to host and invite you to an at home event to show a short video called “Reduce your risk of cancer”  to potential customers who also want to eliminate toxins from their home.

Excited with my new adventure into better health, thanks again, Jen Smith


It doesn’t matter what state of health you find yourself today. It doesn’t matter what you did last week or yesterday. The only thing that matters is what you choose to do right now.

With these 52 small weekly changes, let’s work on the things you can change.

* All profits are donated to World Wellness Education, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization


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