Simple Do It Yourself Exercises while Cleaning

Simple Do It Yourself Exercises while Cleaningby Traci Brosman

There are many ways you can get into or stay in shape when you cannot get to the gym and you do not need a lot of expensive exercise equipment cluttering up your house to do it. Having a clean house not only improves your mood it can also tone your body and help you lose weight.

Below you will see how to turn five common household chores into a great workout routine.

Vacuuming – As you vacuum change hands frequently and do lunges and changes hands frequently. Just remember to keep your toes straight ahead and not to bend your knee over your toe.

Bathroom – The bathroom is a great place to tone the entire body. Use large up and down movements while cleaning the tile in the shower, do squats at the bathroom counter and clean the floor on your hands and knees. You will get toner arms and cleaner surfaces by applying additional pressure in your movements.

Dishes – Do squats while getting the dishes out of the dishwasher and then twist your upper body and stretch to put the dishes away. Remember to keep your back straight and your abs tight.

Folding Laundry – While folding laundry do leg lifts to the side and back. Keep your abs tight and your back straight while lifting one leg to the side 6 to 7 inches with your foot flexed. Do this for 20 reps on each side and then repeat this exercise by bringing your leg back instead of to the side.

Groceries – Weight train while putting away your groceries. Do bicep curls by holding a can or bottle in each hand with arms down at the sides, palms facing up.  Keeping your back straight bend your elbows bringing your groceries toward your shoulders. Slowly bring back to starting position.  Do tricep extensions by holding a can or bottle over your head with both hands. Keeping your elbows overhead, bend your elbows and then slowly extend back to original position. Do five reps with each item that you put away.

As you are cleaning, remember to work quickly and exaggerate all of your movements so that you are getting a cardiovascular workout as well. Do not worry about being efficient, the more steps you take the better. Another great way to add cardio to your cleaning is by turning on music and dancing between chores. This helps you burn more calories and have fun at the same time.


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