The Self-Love Project


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“The Self-Love Project is a work in progress and we encourage you to share your comments and suggestions
on how we can continue to improve it and make it more valuable to you!”


Additional Resources

The Tapping Solution
Life Loves You by Robert Holden and Louise Hay


6 thoughts on “The Self-Love Project

  1. Hi Traci,
    I am enjoying reading the self love project. Last week you mentioned your struggles with weight gain and how you had begun to Tap. I want to recommend a certified EFT practioner that I am using with wonderful results. Her name is Ilyse Rothman. While weight is not why I’m tapping, I will say with great joy, that Tapping with Ilyse has released long held emotional blockages that held me back from living the life that I deserve. Getting to “clear” for me has been a life altering event. Please contact Ilyse at I am certain you will acheive the same positive results that I am getting for myself. Peace.

  2. Wow! Traci – your Website for the Self-Love Project has really been ‘booted up’ in a most colorful way. I am curious who your Web designer is? Marvelous! Press ‘onward and upward’! jenny in WI

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